UMS/Ross Design Jam
SUN, OCT. 16, 2022

Next Steps

How might we utilize the information gathered at the Ross/UMS Design Jam? Business+Impact, who co-hosted the event with UMS, is home to the +Impact Studio, which is made up of events, Founders and Applebaum Design Fellows, and a course (BA670).  All of these student-populated ideas could end up being formulae for developing the ideas that came out of this Design Jam. 

  • A second design jam event could take new participants through the next steps involved in bringing ideas to fruition.  
  • Student Founders could work with Applebaum Fellows to suss out one of the named ideas at the event, and bring it to market as they have done with Plucky Comics and the Venture Field Guide.
  • Lastly, a future iteration of the +Impact Studio Course (BA670) could take ideas from the design jam and do due diligence (including identifying risks and opportunities, problem mapping, impact measurement, and impact stakeholder interviews).

Additionally, UMS could have the opportunity to further explore, and eventually integrate, one or two of the ideas generated at the Design Jam within their cutting edge organization.


Using a diverse group of people contributing to the debate and synthesis, ideas can be further collided or merged for systemic intervention. Using tools already utilized, as well as new tools, such a group can finetune and finalize the ideas shared as more complete prototypes.

System of Interventions

In creating a system of design interventions, ideas can be classified on two axes: The Scale of Engagement, and the Range of Expertise (Size).  Within the Scale of Engagement, ideas can be classified by their Cultural Transformation (how they change attitudes and behaviors), System Innovation (how they alter an existing system or create a new one), and Stand-Alone Interventions (introducing fresh, discreet products or services). The Range of Expertise required may be at the Individual (Designer), Interdisciplinary (Team), or Cross-Sector (Group) level. 

Below is a quick example using ideas from the Ross/UMS Design Jam (click to enlarge):


Colliding Ideas

The Colliding technique used in the Design Jam can be used again at this stage.  By considering ways we could merge or complement one idea with another, we can discover new, better ideas that are more fleshed out.  For example, on the home drawing board for this website, the red lines aren’t just there for decoration.  There really could be a connection between “IntegratED ARts” and “Single Payer Healthcare” and between “Design Jam in a Box” and “10x Residency.”

See below for an example of collided Design Jam ideas (click to enlarge):

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