Designing for Wellbeing: Student Innovators Use U-M Research to Enhance Mental Health on College Campuses

During the Winter 2021 semester, students in the +Impact Studio Course “Translating Research to Impact” (BA670) at Michigan Ross interviewed local small business owners, finding a strong theme of mental health and well-being challenges in their community. One student team engaged U-M faculty members Dr. Ethan Kross and Dr. Sue Ashford to learn about their research and home in on a solution — journaling emerged as a powerful, research-based tool for enhancing well-being and performance as a leader.

In the summer of 2021, Applebaum Impact Design Fellow Jess Halter, MBA/MS ’23, was brought on to lead further development, prototyping, and testing of the journal concept, and Venture Field Guide was born. Venture Field Guide is a journal aimed at fostering greater well-being, clarity, and intentionality in both the personal and professional lives of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Currently it is focusing on supporting student entrepreneurs.

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