LSA Workshop: Create Accessible Digital Documents

Online Ann Arbor, MI

As we shift from print to digital documents in the workplace, it's important to ensure all readers and contributors can access the content. If document users include individuals who are color blind, use assistive technologies, or process information differently, will they be able to effectively engage with the content? This workshop will focus on how

The Interdisciplinary Workshop in Race, Ethnicity and Politics (I-REP)

Haven Hall - Walker (5664) 505 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI

Racial and ethnic identities play a key role in shaping behaviors, attitudes, institutions, and social structures. As such, scholars across disciplines have been devoted to investigating how race and ethnicity feature in every aspect of social and political life. The purpose of I-REP (Interdisciplinary Workshop in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics) is to provide a space

Recurring Event Understanding Privilege

Understanding Privilege

Online Ann Arbor, MI

Privilege is often misunderstood when used in a DEI context. An individual can have privilege in one area and not another. Life may not have been easy, yet an individual could still have elements of privilege. In this session, we will explore the nuances around privilege as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion in

DEI 1.0 Evaluation Report | Information Session

Michigan Union - Rogel Ballroom 530 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI

Learn about the progress made and challenges discovered through U-M’s initial DEI Five-Year Strategic Plan, DEI 1.0, and how these lessons will help guide our next strategic plan, DEI 2.0.   Registration link

Martin Luther King Jr. Colloquium

Weiser Hall - 10th Floor

jarrett hill is an award-winning journalist, writer, and an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. He currently serves as President of the National Association of Black Journalists’ of Los Angeles (NABJLA). As a leader at NABJLA, jarrett has advocated for journalists in commercial and public media as

Recurring Event Diversity 101

Diversity 101

LSA Building - Conference Room 2001 500 State St., Ann Arbor, MI

In order to have meaningful, productive conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion, we must start with a common language. This session will provide an introduction to key terminology as well as the categories and labels we use to describe others and ourselves. We will also examine how our identities shape the way we enter the

The Winter 2023 Roy A. Rappaport Lectures: “From Small Talk to Microaggression: A History of Scale”

Rackham Graduate School (Horace H.)

What trouble can come from straining to know a thing closely, "microscopically"? These lectures explore the political, epistemological, and ontological problems caused by observational scale. Since the mid-twentieth century, US social scientists studying face-to-face interaction have been by turns fascinated and frustrated by the "small" scale of their object and the scrutiny it seemed to

2023 Leadership Crisis Challenge Registration

Apply Online

Registration for the 2023 Leadership Crisis Challenge opens on Wednesday, January 4 at 12 PM! Leadership Crisis Challenge (LCC) is a premier action-based learning experience that immerses participants in a simulated business and media crisis, powered by the Sanger Leadership Center at Michigan Ross. Students play the part of executives responding to the issues as