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Where Public Policy Meets Real Life

June 23 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

The Poverty Narrative: A Midwest Perspective: Promoting in-depth, impactful, and solutions-oriented media coverage

This event is part of the The Poverty Narrative: A Midwest Perspective series.

This FREE virtual conference is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of poverty in the U.S. and especially the Midwest.

Interactive webinars will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 9-25, bringing together journalists and academic researchers from across the country to promote in-depth, impactful, and solutions-oriented media coverage of poverty-related issues.

While academic research contributes to a deeper understanding of poverty-related issues, the media is uniquely positioned to share those findings and shape how policymakers, community leaders, and the general public think about poverty. Coverage of economic mobility issues is now more urgent than ever in light of growing income inequality in the U.S. and the economic downturn related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join leading journalists and academic researchers to explore:

  • How we can rethink the poverty narrative
  • Understand disadvantage, whether urban or rural
  • Use data in storytelling
  • Where public policy meets real life

Who should attend?

This series is open to anyone interested in improving the narrative around poverty in the U.S. – from exploring new storytelling strategies to translating complex research for deeper public engagement. Sign up for all, or only those you’re most excited about.

For journalists, this series offers a chance to hear from researchers and public policy analysts from the Midwest’s leading poverty research universities, identify new data sources to strengthen their storytelling, learn how to uncover the real-life impact of complex public policies, and hear tips from veteran journalists and other experts on how to report for and about people living in poverty.

For academics, this series will provide an opportunity to hear from journalists from across the country who report on the topics they study, gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively work with the media to improve the public’s understanding of poverty issues, and hear tips about how to promote your research to the public.

If you already registered for the originally-scheduled in-person conference, please sign up for the virtual sessions. Sign up for the whole series or select a few sessions.

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Poverty Narrative: A Midwest Perspective - June 23, Where Public Policy Meets Real Life. Image is of participants.

June 23 | Where Public Policy Meets Real Life

12:00 - 1:30PM EST

Coronavirus relief efforts have launched a new tangle of public policies dictating who receives aid and when and how that aid is delivered. In this panel, veteran journalists will share their experiences cutting through the wonky world of public policy to uncover the real-world impact of policymakers’ decisions and the role academics can play in helping the public understand these issues.

  • Melissa Sanchez, reporter at ProPublica Illinois
  • Jonathan Cohn, senior national correspondent at HuffPost
  • Christine MacDonald, investigative / data reporter at The Detroit News
  • Moderated by Elisabeth Gerber, associate dean for Research and Policy Engagement at U-M

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This event is hosted by Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan as part of the Midwest Mobility from Poverty Network.

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University of Michigan Poverty Solutions