Four Impact Track Teams Advance to the Finals of the Michigan Business Challenge

January 27, 2020 – Ann Arbor – Business+Impact wants to thank all the teams and judges involved in Round Two of this year’s Michigan Business Challenge – Seigle Impact Track! The competition has been very successful thus far, and the 9 teams from Round Two did a lot of hard work on their presentations. The Seigle Impact Track had a panel of three judges – Eric Davis, Chief Investment Officer, ReValue; Dr. Marcus Harris, College of Business, University of Michigan—Dearborn; and John Cunningham, Chief Operating Officer, Functional Fluidics.


In addition to the 4 Impact Track teams moving on, a total of 4 teams will compete in the Innovation Track, and 4 teams will compete in the Invention Track.

The Seigle Impact Track finals will take place on February 21, 2020 from 9 – 11:35 am at the Ross School of Business. The following teams will participate there:

For Dearborn (4D) –  Rima Imad Fadlallah (MBA ‘20)  For Dearborn (4D) creates space for Arab and/or Muslim Americans (AAM) to self actualize and thrive through digital media, programming, fashion and philanthropy. 

HalalFin – Razeen Karim (BBA ’20), Safwaan Mir (MM ’20), Mohammad Eddir (BSE ’20), & Abrar Quazi (BSE ’20) HalalFin is developing a platform that utilizes blockchain technology, specifically cryptocurrency, to provide individuals access to Islamic-compliant banking and transacting. 

Lillian Augusta – Jannice Newson (MS ‘20) & Nana Britwum (MS ‘20) Lillian Augusta is a brand that revolutionizes Black hair care by offering hair without harm. We aspire to make plastic-based synthetic braiding hair obsolete by replacing it with biodegradable braiding hair made from Phragmites, an invasive plant species. 

Revolin Sports – Hughes Davis (MSE ’20) Revolin Sports provides conscientious athletes with high-performance sporting equipment to help them up their game while respecting the planet. Starting with our pickleball paddle, we use our natural BioFlx Technology™ to create products that undoubtedly prove sustainability and performance are not mutually exclusive. 

The Michigan Business Challenge is a campus-wide, multi-round business plan competition where the winning team has the opportunity to win  funding, gain feedback from judges and expand their business network.  The competition is open to all students of the University of Michigan, and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. The at-large Michigan Business Challenge is sponsored by the Zell Lurie Institute, and the Impact Track is co-sponsored by Zell Lurie and Business+Impact.