Rooting For Change

The Blue Llama Jazz Club 314 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI

This event will feature 10-15 student speakers and performers with a range of identities and academic interests. These bite-size performances highlight student work, experience, cultural traditions, and creative expression surrounding

Rooting For Change

Michigan Union 530 South State Street, Ann Arbor, MI

A day of student speakers, educational activities, and more as we confront topics of food justice in our communities and learn how U-M students are growing a future of community

Getting Started with Sensors & Raspberry Pi

C-SED Lab, 3360 GG Brown 2350 Hayward St, Ann Arbor, MI

Join us for a 3 hr crash course on using a Raspberry Pi to create a variety of sensors and ultimately learn to design and build your own smart thermostat or