“Approaching Equity and Justice in Music Teacher Education: Lessons for All Who Teach” – Carlos Abril

Earl V. Moore Building - Glenn E. Watkins Lecture Hall Ann Arbor, MI

All music educators must be prepared to construct learning environments that are equitable and socially just. Much of that preparation begins in our university-based music teacher education programs, where a critical foundation is laid. Built on the assumption that this work is essential for teachers of any subject area, this talk will consider how three

Re-Centering Black Voices in the Arts

Online Ann Arbor, MI

This virtual panel will explore intentional exclusion of Black voices in the arts and the emancipatory actions being taken toward reconciliation. Our panelists — drawing on their expertise in music performance, education and history, African American literature, and visual and performing arts — will address specific events and individuals in history that embody anti-racist and/or

Social Justice through the Arts

Online Ann Arbor, MI

Theater, music, storytelling, poetry, and other art forms have a powerful way of connecting with individuals, relaying social issues and oppression in a way that enables others to envision themselves experiencing it - allowing for more empathy and understanding. Join us in talking to local artists, scholars, and activists who have used the arts to