BA670: +Impact Studio Course

+Impact Studio Course


This course received an Aspen Business & Society “Ideas Worth Teaching Award” for its “resilient, inclusive, sustainable version of capitalism.” The award was given in recognition of its expansive purpose, innovative thinking, and integrated, multi-disciplinary approach.

+Impact Studio Course: BA670

The next offering of this course will be in Winter 2022.

Develop a toolkit for social innovation that is also desired by top employers across industries. In the interdisciplinary Impact Studio course, BA670, you’ll gain a mindset, a process, and a set of tools and experiences for developing impactful solutions to societal challenges. The course combines the management principles and acumen of business with design thinking, design tools, and interdisciplinary expertise and scholarly insights.


This award-winning course will be offered for 3 credits in Winter 2022, and is open to all graduate students. In the course you’ll tackle questions such as: How can you use the tools of design to create a more just and inclusive economy? To build enterprises that uplift rather than deplete their communities? To enable sustainable livelihoods rather than financial precarity?

This year the course will engage with tech-enabled changes that have transformed the raw materials of enterprise (labor, capital, supplies, distribution) and what that means for its stakeholders. Then, using the tools of design, we will prototype new forms of enterprise in an industry undergoing radical change around the globe right now: restaurants. Covid rapidly accelerated changes already underway, from a shift toward ghost kitchens and delivery to the use of QR codes in place of human servers. How might we use these same technologies to reimagine capitalism? To create equitable enterprises that provide a living wage and foster community? 

This course is taught by Jerry Davis, the Gilbert and Ruth Whitaker Professor of Business Administration at the Ross School of Business and Professor of Sociology, The University of Michigan.  Davis received his PhD from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Davis’s research is broadly concerned with the corporation as a social and economic vehicle. 

Registration for Winter 2022 will open in November, 2021

See the Winter 2022 Course Syllabus

Diversity in teams leads to innovation. In the +Impact Studio course, I had the unique opportunity to work with other grad students on campus. We were able to bring our own perspectives and bridge broader ideas together to design solutions for communities affected by COVID-19."

— Katarina Chan (MBA ‘21)