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Create a better world by design.

+Impact Design Lab

Use business, design, and research expertise to support early-stage prototypes in the Impact Design Lab! The Impact Design Lab’s student team of Impact Design Fellows works to develop, launch, and nurture impactful ideas to help them take root in the world. As a Fellow you’ll work on prototypes developed through the +Impact Studio BA670 course and other impact projects or ventures with ideas to change the world.

Impact Design Fellows are part of an interdisciplinary cohort working to make a difference in the world through design innovation. You’ll collaborate with a studio coaching team to bring a range of academic expertise and experience. Prototypes and projects in the Impact Design Lab benefit from expertise in design thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, social impact, UI/UX, and a wide range of subject-matter expertise. The lab connects projects with UM and Ross research expertise and the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem at UM to advance their impact and accelerate their growth. 

The 20-21 Impact Design Fellows– Lucy Jiang (MSI), Justin Woods (MBA/MSW), and Elizabeth Sofranek (MBA) are combining their interdisciplinary skills to develop and launch a prototype from the BA670 course designed to advance racial equity.

Coaches include Innovator-in-Residence Moses Lee, Impact Studio course professor Dr. Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, Business+Impact Managing Director Cat Johnson, Business+Impact Interim Program Director Haley Phillips, and Business+Impact Marketing Manager Glenn Bugala.

Summer 2020 Impact Design Fellows working on course prototypes at external organizations or other impact projects/ventures included: Alyshia Dyer (MPP), Justin Woods (MBA/MSW), Zichen Wang (MS, Design Science), Ruchita Lodha (SI), Bennett Hilkert (BBA), Stephanie Shoo (BBA/BSE), and Rodney Sherwin Shibu (BSE).

Become an Impact Design Fellow

Do you want to build and launch something using firmly grounded research, business tools, and design concepts?  Leverage your skills to make a real difference in the world as an Impact Design Fellow! There are currently no Fellowship positions available for the 2020-21 academic year, however, we are often seeking students to help with testing, feedback, outreach, and other project-based activities. Students interested in getting involved in the Design Lab are encouraged to reach out to the impact studio at impactstudio@umich.edu with information about their background, interests, skills, and availability.