Management as Calling Program

This is an immersive retreat experience to help you look deep inside yourself to consider management as a calling—moving away from the simple pursuit of a career for private personal gain and towards a vocation that is based on a higher and more internally derived set of values about leading commerce and serving society. 

The core of the program is a sequence of weekend retreats where you will be put in the company of others who think and feel deeply about similar aspirations that you do and help you examine and discern your idea of what kind of a manager you are meant to be, what kind of career you aspire to have, and what kind of legacy you hope to leave.

This program is available to business students in their final year of study: senior undergraduates, second-year graduates, and third-year dual degree students in the 2022-23 academic year. Only 48 total slots are available, divided evenly between undergraduate and graduate students, and broken into 5 sub-cohorts (each with an assigned teaching assistant). Admission will be selective, based on a written essay explaining the drive and seriousness that you bring to the pursuit of a personal calling.  All expenses are covered.

Interested senior undergraduates, second-year graduates, and third-year dual degree students in the 2022-23 academic year can apply by June 5th for a special weekend co-curricular program that will occur during the 2022-23 academic year, called “Management As Calling” and taught by Andy Hoffman.