Four Impact Teams Move on to the Finals of the Michigan Business Challenge

February 11, 2019 – Ann Arbor – Business+Impact wants to thank all the teams and judges involved in Round Two of this year’s Michigan Business Challenge – Seigle Impact Track! The competition has been very successful thus far, and the 8 teams from Round Two did a lot of hard work on their presentations. The Impact Track had a panel of three judges from the professional world.

In addition to the four Impact Track teams moving on, a total of eight teams will move on in the main track (Acqua e Rosa, Bschool Travel, Dough, Holly Keith Lingerie, LineLeap, MONTA, Plaque Buster, and SubQ Assist).

Judges for round two included:

  • Raymond Guthrie of the American Heart Association
  • Bryan Hogle of the Kresge Foundation, and
  • Romy Kochan of Gingras Global Inc.

The Seigle Impact Track finals will take place on March 15, 2019 from 12:30 – 3 pm at the Ross School of Business. The following teams will participate there:

Dear Black Women is an affirmation movement and social network, online and offline that grows the social capital of Black women. — Florence Noel (MBA/MSI 2019)

NeoHealth is a company dedicated to eliminating counterfeit drugs in developing countries. It is estimated that over 1,000,000 people die each year solely due to counterfeit drugs. We have developed a low-cost device that attaches to a phone and utilizes the camera to detect whether an antimalarial is counterfeit or authentic.  — Sujai Arakali (BS 2020), Derrell Chapman (BS 2019)

Practical Prosthetics integrates 3D printing in the prosthetic manufacturing process, developing functional prosthetics operated by an independent and intuitive control system. The technology necessary to make affordable and accessible prosthetics exists—Practical Prosthetics is simply putting it to use and challenging the stigma that prosthetics need to be complicated and expensive. — Harrison Price (BSE 2021), Joseph Schuman (BS 2021), Ethan Russo (BBA 2021), Anthony Salmeron (BSE 2021)

SubQ Assist is a task-shifting device that facilitates the consistent and accurate administration of subcutaneous contraceptive implants thereby minimizing the likelihood of complications during removal and allowing minimally trained healthcare workers to provide safe access in rural areas. — Vinayak Gokhale (MBA 2019)

It is worth noting that SubQ Assist has also been invited to compete in the final round of the main track. 

The Michigan Business Challenge – Seigle Impact Trackis a campus-wide, multi-round business plan competition where the winning team has the opportunity to win $15,000, gain feedback from judges and expand their business network. The competition is open to all students of the University of Michigan, and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. It is sponsored by the Zell Lurie Institute, Business+Impact, and the Erb Institute.

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