Michigan Business Challenge Seigle Impact Track Winner Announced

Ann Arbor, February 24, 2020 – The winner of the 2020 Michigan Business Challenge – Seigle Impact Track is Lillian Augusta – (Jannice Newson [MS ‘20] & Nana Britwum [MS ‘20])a biodegradable hair braiding product made from Phragmites, which is an invasive plant species. The Seigle Impact Track competition, co-sponsored by the Zell Lurie InstituteBusiness+Impact, and the Erb Institute, began in November with over 50 teams. Eight semi-finalists competed on February 8 for the four finalist spots in the Seigle finals competition.

Other finalists included:

For Dearborn (4D) –  Rima Imad Fadlallah (MBA ‘20)  For Dearborn (4D) creates space for Arab and/or Muslim Americans (AAM) to self actualize and thrive through digital media, programming, fashion and philanthropy. 

HalalFin – Razeen Karim (BBA ’20), Safwaan Mir (MM ’20), Mohammad Eddir (BSE ’20), & Abrar Quazi (BSE ’20) HalalFin is developing a platform that utilizes blockchain technology, specifically cryptocurrency, to provide individuals access to Islamic-compliant banking and transacting. 

Revolin Sports – Hughes Davis (MSE ’20) Revolin Sports provides conscientious athletes with high-performance sporting equipment to help them up their game while respecting the planet. Starting with our pickleball paddle, we use our natural BioFlx Technology™ to create products that undoubtedly prove sustainability and performance are not mutually exclusive. 

Lillian Augusta received $15,000 for first place in the Seigle Impact Track, $2,000 for the MIC Investment Committee Award, and $5,000 for the One Magnify Best Business team, which was presented by Mark Petroff. For Dearborn was the Seigle Impact Track Runner-up ($7,500).  For Dearborn won a $500 Showcase Award and $1500 as a Seigle finalist, while HalalFin won $1500 as a Seigle finalist.

The expert judging panel for the Seigle Impact Track finals was comprised of:

  • Diana Callaghan – Endeavor Detroit
  • Michael Godwin – Resonant Venture Partners
  • Raymond Guthrie – Social Impact Fund, American Heart Association 

The Michigan Business Challenge is a campus-wide, multi-round business plan competition, of which the Seigle Impact Track is a subset focused on entrepreneurial student ventures focused on social  and/or environmental impact.  The competition is open to all students of the University of Michigan, and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.