Nine Impact Track Teams to Advance to Round 2 of Michigan Business Challenge

December 4, 2017 – Ann Arbor – Business+Impact, Zell Lurie Institute and the Erb Institute thank all the teams and judges involved in Round One of this year’s Michigan Business Challenge! The competition at-large had over a hundred teams apply, and there were 35 teams that presented in the Seigle Impact Track. The overall strength of the competition was terrific. Sixteen of the teams that competed in Round One Fri, Dec. 1, 2017 will move on to Round Two of MBC. Nine teams will move on to Round Two of the MBC Impact Track.

Round Two will take place on January 19, 2018 at the Ross School of Business.  The following teams will participate:

Last year’s Impact Track winners were Stephan John (MD ’19) and Aaron Steiner (MBA ’17) with their company, AIM Tech.

AfreecarTim Yuan (MBA ’18), Sydney Forrester (SNRE ’18), Yide Gu (BSME ’18), Ziyang Zhong (MSME ’18) Afreecar is a motorized, solar-powered, electric bicycle trailer for affordable transportation and reliable electricity for communities in sub-Saharan Africa 

AdelieStefanie Rubinstein (MBA ’19), Vanessa Lynskey (MBA ’19), Tracy Wolfbiss (MBA ’19) Adelie is a digital platform that seamlessly manages parental leave for expectant mothers and fathers.

Canopy – Brandon Keelean (MDes ’18), Ann Duong (MHI ’18), Elisabeth Michel (MPH ’17) Canopy is a web application that helps people talk about and make end-of-life healthcare decisions, and then share those decisions through a legal document.

FoodFinder – Jack Griffin (BBA ’19) FoodFinder uses a web and mobile app to make it as easy as it should be for families in need to locate and learn about their nearest free food assistance programs.

Green Book – Rajisa Omar (MPH ’18), Mariam Jalloul (MBA/MPH ’19), Kara Shen Greenbook connects socially-conscious restaurant-goers with delicious, inclusive eateries through crowdsource reviews that more accurately describe dining experiences for minority groups.

PedalCell – Adam Hokin (BBA ’19), Anna Moreira Bianchi (MBA ’19) PedalCell is a novel bicycle energy capture technology that rapidly charges smartphones for the bike share industry.

Pipeline – Elana Fox (MBA) Pipeline builds a network of shared on-campus recruiters to connect top student talent with sustainability and impact-minded companies.

Quirk – Kiley Judge (LSA ’17), Rahul Agrawal Bejarano (COE ’18) Made from quirky fruits, Quirk drinking vinegars are the healthy solution to nutritious, quirky fruit ending up in landfills.

Solar Fridge – Saswat Sahoo (BSE ’19), Vincent Thieu (BSE ’19), Edward Kim (BSE ’19), Anya Amin (BBA ’20), Vanessa Lee (BSE/IOE ’20), Jashan Kishore (BBA/BSE ’20), Ryuji Arimoto (BSE ’20), Adam Racette (BSE ’19) The Solar Fridge team is focused on developing an inexpensive, portable, and low-maintenance solar-powered adsorption refrigerator for vaccine storage aimed at ensuring the viability and availability of vaccines in low-resource communities.