Accounting Outreach


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Michigan Ross Accounting Outreach

  • To ensure the health and safety of all of our staff and clients, we will be conducting all appointments virtually via phone or Google Hangouts. Please see the schedule button to create an appointment with us.

  • We are working to create resources for small business owners to stay safe and financially healthy. Check out our COVID-19 Resources to learn more about funding and how to transition your business online.

Aspiring business owners need a lot of things. A great product or service, a team and support system, and a tremendous work ethic are just part of what makes a business strong. Proper organization of books and financial data is also crucial to achieving long-term success. This can be incredibly expensive for small business owners, which is why we’re here to help!

In collaboration with DNEP,  Business+Impact has launched an initiative to provide Detroit entrepreneurs with the accounting services that can help them successfully launch and grow their businesses. Such businesses create jobs across Southeast Michigan, ultimately strengthening the growing economy.

On Fridays throughout the semester, MAcc and BBA students hold one-on-one accounting consultations with entrepreneurs. These consultations, dubbed “Free Accounting Fridays”, cover topics ranging from creating cost structures and forecasting growth to using different accounting softwares. These students get to apply their comprehensive knowledge from accounting classes to real businesses, develop the soft skills needed to interact with clients, and make a positive impact all while still in school.

The students also get to think critically about the business’ other needs. When students believe a business owner can benefit from other services, they refer them to the DNEP program. DNEP provides even more free services to the entrepreneurs in anything from graphic design to legal questions. 

If interested in learning more about DNEP, check out this video and hear Dean Michael Barr of the Ford School of Public Policy describe the program at large.

For some further information on Michigan Ross Accounting Outreach, watch the video below. To book a slot for your business, go to the website.