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ESG Concentration

ESG Concentration

Michigan Ross continues to innovate in the social impact space with its new ESG concentration. The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Concentration prepares MBA students to confidently navigate a rapidly changing business world with strong foundations in sustainability, social impact, and ethical leadership.

Modern businesses need leaders prepared to transform how enterprises engage with the natural environment and climate change, address the needs of a changing workforce, and provide increased accountability to investors and other stakeholders. The Full-Time MBA Concentration in ESG at the Ross School of Business prepares students to lead in each of the three pillars that support contemporary business and educates leaders to take on the major challenges of our time. 

The ESG concentration includes both formal coursework and optional co-curricular activities, including workshops (e.g., how to work with ESG data) and speakers.


To complete the concentration, students must fulfill a minimum of 12 credits:

See the current list of electives on the official Ross ESG Concentration page.

For questions about the concentration, or to express interest in the concentration, contact an academic advisor at

ESG Workshop & Speaker Series

The Ross ESG Speaker Series is open to all students, regardless of concentration. See below for upcoming and previous events in this series: 

Upcoming Events:

Previous Events: