Anti-Racism Series Session 3

Jazmine Williams McCoy, Director of DEI for Rocket CompaniesWe are pleased to officially announce our third anti-racism series event and speaker on March 28th, at 5:00pm, in Tauber Colloquium. Jazmine Williams McCoy, Director of DEI for Rocket Companies, will facilitate a conversation titled: Statements, celebrations, and donations: Exploring the corporate approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Registration information is now available!

Anti-Racism Is Never Not Intersectional

-Elizabeth Cole, Faculty Associate Director, National Center for Institutional Diversity; Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Psychology, and Afroamerican and African Studies
-Elizabeth González, Education & Training Program Manager, Spectrum Center
-SaraEllen Strongman, Assistant Professor, Afroamerican and African Studies
-Ruby C. Tapia, Chair, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies; Associate Professor, English Language & Literature and Women’s and Gender Studies

Moderator: Anna Kirkland, Director, Institute for Research on Women and Gender; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies; Political Science, Sociology, and Health Management & Policy (by courtesy)

The racial reckoning during 2020 sparked renewed energy to address pervasive structural racism and the resulting disparate inequities and injustices impacting minoritized communities and communities of color in the US. Institutions of higher education across the nation have expressed commitments to address racism in their organizations. Similarly, many institutions across the country have sought to focus new efforts to end harassment based on sex, sexuality, and gender, yet these efforts have often operated separately from the fight to address systemic racism.

At the College of Literature, Science & the Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan, working groups have produced both an LSA Task Force on Anti-Racism and Racial Equality report and a Preventing Sexual Harassment report in recent months. Additionally, the university commissioned reports on high-profile cases of sexual misconduct (Philbert and Anderson) and created campus initiatives in response to national conversations around anti-racism.

This expert panel will help us to understand how systems of racism and sexism support and maintain each other, discuss recent efforts to grapple with these issues at Michigan, frame them within a broader theoretical and political context and then provide suggestions on how to move from intention to action and how to enact structural change that is transformational and sustainable.

Cosponsored by: The Institute for Research on Women and Gender, the Women’s & Gender Studies Department, and the National Center for Institutional Diversity’s Anti-Racism Collaborative

This webinar will be recorded. Please register to receive the Zoom recording.

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Diversity Series | Ask Me Anything: HBCU

Join this session to speak with current students who completed their degree at a HBCU university prior to joining Ross. We’ll be covering what the Ross community is like, classes, and more! Most of the session will be dedicated to questions from the audience.

This session will not be recorded.

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Undoing Racism Workshop Meeting

Undoing Racism is a community collective of students, staff, and faculty in the School of Social Work dedicated to fighting white supremacy at the individual, school, and structural levels.

This workgroup was established in 2019 after students, staff, and faculty took part in the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond Undoing Racism© workshops. Since then, the Undoing Racism workgroup has been working to implement the People’s Institute anti-racist community organizing model – recognizing that community organizing within our school is critical to move toward an anti-racist and anti-oppressive program to bring along all members of the community.

The Undoing Racism workgroup also emphasizes the role that white members of our community must take on to dismantle and undo white supremacist structures that benefit and maintain power for white people. Our work has largely been focused on building collective community – a fundamental step in the People’s Institute organizing model. Our dialogue and strategic planning to advance towards an anti-racist and anti-oppressive program and school community must begin with building relationships and strengthening community bonds to engage in internal and external anti-racism work.

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month from 12-2pm (with some exceptions). All members of our school community are invited to attend.

A Zoom link will be sent out the day of the event to all those who RSVP.