Michigan Ross and U-M Students Navigate a High-Stakes HR Prejudice and Unconscious Bias Simulation During this Year’s Leadership Crisis Challenge

Six months prior to product launch, a whistleblower reveals your HR software as a service company is using artificial intelligence to make systematically biased decisions, not the unconscious bias-free decisions you promised to clients.

You and your executive team now have to quickly develop a solution to the PR nightmare. That is because in a matter of hours you’ll soon have to present that solution to a board of directors, all the while dealing with backlash from concerned stakeholders and the public. 

That was the nightmare scenario presented to more than 170 graduate students from the Ross School of Business and 14 other colleges at the University of Michigan as part of the 2022 Leadership Crisis Challenge. 

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Aspen Institute Checks in with the +Impact Studio

June 2, 2021 – Aspen Institute featured the Michigan Ross +Impact Studio in a blog post titled “Breaking Boundaries to Build Back Better”:

June 2021 marks half a year since the end of 2020, a year punctuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, economic turmoil and an epidemic of racial injustice. In that year of crisis, a phrase emerged capturing many hopes for recovery: “build back better.” With 2020—thankfully—receding into the past, what progress is being made to build back better?

It’s a question Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks has thought about extensively. The University of Michigan Ross School of Business Professor was recognized by the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program with an Ideas Worth Teaching Award for his course, +Impact Studio: Translating Research into Practice. The theme of the course in fall of 2020? Build back better. We spoke with Sanchez-Burks about his course, and how his vision for building back better calls for breaking disciplinary boundaries within academia, and between academia and the broader world.

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Watch Black History Month Opening Event: A Conversation with LaTosha Brown

On Mon, Feb. 1, 2021, Business+Impact was a co-sponsor with U-M Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (MESA)‘s Black History Month opening keynote event featuring LaTosha Brown. She shared thoughts on the future of democracy, voting, and social movements, and she discussed how storytelling and strategic messaging can build political power. Now you can watch a recording of the conversation.

Watch the webinar here

Ms. Brown is an award-winning thought leader, social strategist, philanthropic consultant, jazz singer, and catalyst for change. As co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, Ms. Brown is dedicated to increasing the political power of Black people. She has more than twenty years of experience working in the non-profit and philanthropy sectors on issues related to political empowerment, social justice, economic development, leadership development, wealth creation and civil rights. A regular contributor to The New York Times and a fellow at the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Ms. Brown is a recipient of the 2010 White House Champions of Change Award, 2006 Spirit of Democracy Award, and the Louis Burnham Award for Human Rights. 

Watch the webinar here

PODCAST: Emotional Intelligence for Social Justice

In this episode of Social Impact Design for Business, Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks of Michigan Ross’ +Impact Studio interviews Justin Woods, Founder of EQuity Social Venture. Justin encourages people to get reflective and don’t be afraid of making mistakes in the process of addressing racism in the world, the community, and in businesses or organizations.