Center for Social Impact Co-Hosts Two Speakers in Three Weeks

November 28, 2017, ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Recently, Business+Impact co-hosted Laxmi Parthasarathy of Ashoka on Oct. 26 and Evelina Fredriksson of People Improvement Organization Cambodia on Nov. 15.

Laxmi Parthasarathy, Ashoka

In an Oct. 26 event co-sponsored with Net Impact @ Ross – Undergrad, Laxmi Parthasarathy, Director of Global Media Partnerships at Ashoka, discussed her research on the intersection of social entrepreneurship and media innovation in building more informed and civically engaged communities in the age of fake news and media inundation. During the summer of 2017, she leveraged a Center for Social Impact intern to accomplish this work.

During the course of the work, Parthasarathy discovered five areas for improvement in socially-sourced media:
1. Improving infrastructure, like internet access, and the environment in which the media operates
2. Allowing for a more dispersed model
3. Improving standards of journalism
4. Making the media a self-sustaining business
5. Increasing media literacy by providing the public with diverse and representative content.

According to Parthasarathy, “One of our strengths in the portfolio is ensuring the media is a tool for civic engagement. We see how important that is today in particular and you see how some of our fellows are engaging young people in creating the content themselves and sharing their opinions in professionalizing how young people share their content.”

Evelina Fredriksson, People Improvement Organization Cambodia

Business+Impact co-sponsored Evelina Fredricksson with the Center for Positive Organizations on Nov. 15.  Fredriksson, with the People Improvement Organization Cambodia, shared her experience of creating a positive setting for learning and growth in a country still recovering from the Pol Pot regime.  Private donors, companies, researchers, and educators worldwide have an important role to play in Cambodia’s development. The challenge is to embrace a holistic perspective.

According to Fredriksson, “The strengths of gratitude, teamwork and creativity pave the way forward; regardless if the task at hand is making sure that a 7-year-old has enough nutrition to focus in class, or preventing a 15-year-old from dropping out of school to work in a factory, or supporting a 21-year-old university student who didn’t sleep for days because he’s anxious about an approaching deadline.”

View a video of Evelina’s presentation

About the Social Innovation Series

Business+Impact has hosted and sponsored great speakers at the Ross School of Business as well as presenting its own speakers at events and conferences.  The Social Innovation Series brings top leaders to campus who cut across boundaries to advance innovative, practical solutions to society’s toughest social challenges. This ongoing series will continue to be presented in tandem with key campus partners with interests similar to Business+Impact.

About Business+Impact

The Center for Social Impact at the Ross School of Business provides leaders with practical skills and insight to tackle complex social challenges.  Through numerous partnerships on campus and with organizations across sectors, the Center enables students to deliver social impact in multidisciplinary and cross-sector settings, and advances the field of social impact and innovation.