Design Jam – I Wish…

UMS/Ross Design Jam
SUN, OCT. 16, 2022

I Wish…

For some, this is just a song title by Stevie Wonder. For design thinkers, it’s the key to opening up new ideas.

Design thinkers have realized that one of the easiest way to crystalize a team’s point of view on a design challenge is to leap from sense making with simple “I wish” statements. These make the transition to the team’s central  question much easier to suss out.

Team members wrote as many post-its as they could develop within the limited time frame, and posted them on a common board, explaining each as they added them.  While this was happening, the facilitator gathered (or converged) the “I Wish” post-its into common shared theme areas on the board. 

Here is what our participants had to say:

"I wish children could experience artistic 'transcendence' before society closes them off to it."
" I wish we could create new ways to SEE things."
"I wish the next generation of artists would represent our diverse U.S. population."
"I wish all artists could live with a living wage."
"I wish algorithms didn't dictate our taste (and they do)."
"I wish that we could design ways to layer live and digital to advance the arts and create connection."
"I wish there was centralized, accessible, transparent curation of the arts."
"I wish that everyone had access to a space and resources to create art."
"I wish that we embraced a new economic model that challenge the Western view that 'you can work or do art, but not both.'"
"I wish we could use technology to enable people to create art together and expose them to the arts--make everyone an artist and a fan to grow the whole community."
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Tell us what you wish!

We are interested in finding out what you think.  Take a moment to  add your own wish on the question, “How might we use new tools of organizing to create more equitable vehicles for artists to reach audiences and preserve what is sacred in the performing arts?” We’ll use your thoughts as we advance these ideas.

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