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U-M Ross Business + Impact
U-M Ross Business + Impact
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Our Partnerships with the Community

Take an active role in the educational experiences and leadership development of University of Michigan students who seek to make a positive impact.

Business+Impact is built on the foundational belief that diverse views and voices strengthen our ability to affect change. Michigan Ross creates and partners with businesses, nonprofits, social enterprises, and other academic units so our students have profound experiences and see tangible results. Through these collaborations, participants will gain real-world experience, while changemakers will gain a better understanding of core business principles. Your nonprofit could host graduate student board fellows and benefit from the learning of business and public policy students. Your organization could propose projects to be offered in our +Impact Studio, where students work on regional impact projects for credit. If a Ross or Ford student works as an intern for you, we can help defray their salary costs. Finally, if your organization is looking to donate to a program that will have a meaningful impact on the next generation of changemakers, our giving program is tax deductible.

Nonprofit Board Fellows

The Board Fellowship Program prepares University of Michigan graduate students for responsible community involvement and practical leadership experience.

Alumni & Giving

Business+Impact can only thrive with support from people like you who believe in our mission and students. Please consider partnering with us on programming that generates valuable social impact.

Resources for Local Businesses & Nonprofits

The Ross School of Business and partners around University of Michigan engage organizations in southeast Michigan to advance their strategic priorities and support the local small business and nonprofit community.

Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project

A contributing partner to Business+Impact, the Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project (DNEP) matches Detroit small business owners with student talent on long term engagements.

Are you part of a social venture in the region, or working with a nonprofit? We want to know about you! You could enable students to deliver social impact in multidisciplinary and cross-sector settings — and in the process, your organization could benefit from the expertise of students with experience in business, public policy, social work, and more!

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