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U-M Ross Business + Impact
U-M Ross Business + Impact
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SPOTLIGHT: Gabriela Alvarez (MBA ’23)SPOTLIGHT: Gabriela Alvarez (MBA ’23)It's only been a year since Gabriela Alvarez graduated from Michigan Ross, but already she is making social impact waves as Senior Strategy Consultant at Accenture in Chicago.
Spotlight: Meagan Dunn (BA ’03)Spotlight: Meagan Dunn (BA ’03)Meagan Dunn is the executive director of Covenant House Michigan, serving homeless young adults aged 18 to 24, some of whom have been victims of human trafficking.
Spotlight: Praveen Loganathan (BBA ’17)Spotlight: Praveen Loganathan (BBA ’17)Praveen Loganathan has created a couple of businesses and has begun building an entrepreneurship training program that he hopes to implement at U-M.
Spotlight: Karen Yocky (MPP/MBA ’18)Spotlight: Karen Yocky (MPP/MBA ’18)Karen Yocky (MPP/MBA '18) is serving in a leadership role with Net Impact at Ross, she has participated in our Student Advisory Board and in the Social Impact Challenge.
Spotlight: Stephanie Dolan (MBA ’13)Spotlight: Stephanie Dolan (MBA ’13)Stephanie Dolan graduated from Ross in May 2013 and is now an Associate Principal at Civic Consulting Alliance in Chicago, a participating organization in Business Impact’s Impact Corps program.
Spotlight: Colleen Hill (MS/MBA ’19)Spotlight: Colleen Hill (MS/MBA ’19)We interviewed Colleen Hill recently to see what it’s like to be completely immersed in mission-driven work while at U-M.
Spotlight: Lily Hamburger (MBA ’16)Spotlight: Lily Hamburger (MBA ’16)Lily Hamburger (MBA ’16) is the Associate Director of the Business Support Network Office at Invest Detroit, a Detroit-based, mission-driven lender, investor, and partner that supports business and real estate projects that will ignite economic growth in Detroit and the region.
Socent Spotlight: Sea SpiderSocent Spotlight: Sea SpiderBusiness+Impact has introduced a series on U-M alumni who have created social enterprises and continue the work of entrepreneurship after graduation. For this edition, we are shining the light on Sea Spider, founded by Joe Huang.
Socent Spotlight: Detroit 75 KitchenSocent Spotlight: Detroit 75 KitchenFor this edition, we are shining the light on  Detroit 75 Kitchen, a food truck service in SW Detroit, founded by Ahmad Nassar.
Spotlight: Neesha Modi (MBA/MS ’12)Spotlight: Neesha Modi (MBA/MS ’12)Neesha Modi (MBA/MS ’12) is the Director of Programs and Social Investment Operations at the Kresge Foundation, a Detroit-based philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting human progress.
Socent Spotlight: Clear ComputingSocent Spotlight: Clear ComputingEarlier this year, in the Michigan Business Challenge – Seigle Impact Track, James Giordani (MSW ’22) was one of four finalists who presented before the judging team. Clear Computing helps older adults learn how to use technology to better their quality of life and extend their independence.
Socent Spotlight: ePesosSocent Spotlight: ePesosAriel Olaiz, BBA ’07, has come full circle — from studying business at the base of the pyramid at the Ross School of Business to fostering economic inclusion in Mexico. Olaiz says his U-M education comes into play every day in his role as co-founder and chief financial officer at ePesos.
Socent Spotlight: FoodFinderSocent Spotlight: FoodFinderIn early 2018, Jack Griffin (BBA ’19) was a finalist in the Michigan Business Challenge – Seigle Impact Track, with his phone app, FoodFinder, and won first place in the Elevator Pitch competition.
Socent Spotlight: ThawraSocent Spotlight: ThawraLast year, in the Michigan Business Challenge – Seigle Impact Track, Yasmeen Kadouh (U-M Dearborn BA ’17) and Rima Fadlallah (Ross MBA ’20) introduced their business to the world as For Dearborn, featuring the subbrand Dearborn Girl
Socent Spotlight: William Brinkerhoff (MBA/MSIOE ’89 ) and Kathy Sample (MBA ’89)Socent Spotlight: William Brinkerhoff (MBA/MSIOE ’89 ) and Kathy Sample (MBA ’89)Bill Brinkerhoff and Kathy Sample were students in the late 80’s at the Business School and after traditional work on the east coast returned to Ann Arbor to create Argus Farm.
Spotlight: Andrew Kelley (MBA ’17)Spotlight: Andrew Kelley (MBA ’17)Andrew Kelley graduated from Ross in May 2017 and is now a management consultant at Deloitte.
Socent Spotlight: Stacey Matlen (MPH ’16)Socent Spotlight: Stacey Matlen (MPH ’16)We sat down with Cart CEO Stacey Matlen (MPH ’16) to find out just how exciting it’s been for them since last February, and since her graduation.
Spotlight: Juan Pablo Garcia Romero (MBA/MS’16)Spotlight: Juan Pablo Garcia Romero (MBA/MS’16)Tanya Upthegrove, spoke with Juan Pablo Garcia Romero (MBA/MS’16) about his internship experience at the impact investing organization, New Ventures, in Mexico City, Mexico over the summer of 2015.
Socent Spotlight: Eric Katz (BBA ’17)Socent Spotlight: Eric Katz (BBA ’17)This year’s student start-up winner was Kulisha, a sustainable aquafeed company co-founded by Eric Katz (BBA ’17).
Spotlight: Kevin Shaw (MAEd/MBA ’11)Spotlight: Kevin Shaw (MAEd/MBA ’11)Kevin Shaw is now Finance Director for KIPP: New Jersey, a provider of public charter education in Newark and Camden, where students are 4x more likely to graduate college than their low-income peers.
Spotlight: Neil Tambe (BA ’09/MBA ’15)Spotlight: Neil Tambe (BA ’09/MBA ’15)Native Detroiter Neil Tambe, MBA ’15, and his passion for Detroit led him to serve as 2014-15 Co-President of the Detroit Revitalization & Business Initiative at Ross, and to seek out a summer internship with the City of Detroit.
Spotlight: Lauren Shaughnessy (BBA ’06, MBA ’12)Spotlight: Lauren Shaughnessy (BBA ’06, MBA ’12)After receiving her MBA, Lauren Foukes Shaughnessy became a mission-driven consultant with the Bridgespan Group, helping nonprofit and philanthropic organizations achieve breakthrough results in addressing social problems.
Spotlight: Matthew Nahan (MSW ’14)Spotlight: Matthew Nahan (MSW ’14)Matthew Nahan, MSW ’14, is a champion for transit solutions. He serves as Director of Development at the Detroit Bus Company, an L3C whose mission is to create equitable transportation opportunities for the people of Detroit.