What Inclusive Leaders Do Differently

Online Ann Arbor, MI

As workplaces have become increasingly disconnected, individuals have a stronger need for a sense of connection and community. They want to work in environments in which they can be their authentic selves and are valued for their contributions. Leaders are expected to build these types of environments, but to do so in a moment when

Creating Wise Crowds: How Positive Culture and Fair Process Can Prevent “Madness”

Robertson Auditorium, Ross School of Business 701 Tappan, Ann Arbor, MI

Evidence demonstrates both the Wisdom of Crowds (Collective Intelligence) and the Madness of Crowds (Group Think) in collective forecasts. Forecasts underpin most decisions; good decisions, therefore, require good forecasts. In this talk, Scott Page discusses the phenomena of wise and mad crowds in the context of forecasts, demonstrates the logic of how diversity can produce accurate collective forecasts

Positive Links Speaker Series: Achieve the Extraordinary

Online Ann Arbor, MI

A revolutionary approach to business exists, one that delivers game-changing results for both organizations and society alike: the serious and deep pursuit of purpose. When organizations practice deep purpose, furthering their “reason for being,” it can revolutionize how they do business and deliver impressive performance benefits that reward customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and communities. Join

Accelerate Your Compassion Competence

Ross School of Business 701 Tappan Ave, Ann Arbor, MI

Calling all leaders who want to create happiness in their organizations! You may not know it, but compassion competence is one of the most significant contributors to happiness. Compassion competence in a group is also a source of innovation, adaptability, well being, and resilience in organizations. This accelerator will give you everything you need to