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U-M Ross Business + Impact
U-M Ross Business + Impact
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2022 Internship Experiences

About our Internships

In the summer of 2022, Business+Impact provided funding for 57 University of Michigan in a broad spectrum of internship-style opportunities with a variety of organizations, in both virtual and on-site experiences.  Specifically, 29 students from Ross and Ford developed their skills while individually helping mission-driven organizations in the region and around the world.

Each summer, Business+Impact awards competitive grants for summer internships to MBAs and BBAs in the Ross School of Business as well as MPP students in the Ford School of Public Policy.  MBA funding comes from the Give-A-Day Fund, a student-led MBA pay-it-forward fund, and from General Motors. Additionally, the newly established Gordon Impact Entrepreneurship Fund provided support during the summer for BBA or MBA students with ventures or funders seeking to create societal impact.

Additionally, Business+Impact and Zell Lurie supported MBAs taking part in Open Road at Ross, funded by the Ford Motor Company Foundation.

Click here to see a Flickr album of photos from our 2022 interns.


Tanmay Arora (BBA ’24)

1. Describe the project you worked on for your internship.

The project I worked on for my internship was a 10 page report made for the Great Lakes Board of Governors and Premiers on research about the voluntary carbon offset market, the current problems, and the policy recommendations to help the state of that market in the region. The organization our team worked with was the Global CO2 Initiative, which represents 8 Midwest States and 2 Canadian Provinces.

2. How did your work specifically help deliver social impact through this experience?

Our work helped deliver impact by making recommendations for this region to be a bigger player in the carbon offset space and to be able to have more sustainable solutions that not only reduce and avoid emissions, but even remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

3. How do you predict that this internship will affect your career path?

I think this internship will be important for my career path because as someone who wants to go into marketing down the brand management path, I found this role to be helpful. It gave me the opportunity to interview key stakeholders in the region who are affected by this market — and being able to understand who you are involved with and who you are potentially selling a product to is a crucial part of marketing.

4. How did the funding you received through B+I improve your internship experience?

I believe the funding was able to allow us to have access to many stakeholders and resources that could help us be more informed about the state of the market to help us best write our report.

5. What advice do you have for future interns?

For future interns, I believe that it is important to show resilience. There are times in the project where our team did not feel like we could make certain recommendations but we stuck to what we believed in and made sure we had the evidence to back it up!