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Colleen Hill Receives Skip and Carrie Gordon Scholarship

ANN ARBOR – Jan. 23, 2017 – Business+Impact is pleased to announce that Colleen Hill (MBA/MS ’19) recently received the 2017-18 Skip and Carrie Gordon Scholarship for outstanding commitment to solving complex social challenges through learning. But even before receiving this $5,000 award, she was a Summer Fund Intern, a Ross Open Road Fellow, and a Social Impact Peer Coach. She says,

“The Skip & Carrie Gordon Scholarship will support me by allowing me to feel more comfortable spending three full years pursuing my dual degree through the Erb Institute; with the extra semester at Michigan, I can become more deeply involved in developing social impact programming at Ross and enhancing our network further.” B+I looks forward to seeing Colleen pursue big ideas with a strong vision for social impact in her career.

Colleen plans to continue as an advocate for impact. According to her, “I came to Ross to learn more about how business can be a positive force for good in the world. I started to understand the struggles that people in our own country face, and realized I can start to have an impact domestically as well.” Looking forward to graduation, Colleen says, “My long-term career goal now is to have a career in supply chain operations, where I can work to make supply chains more transparent, and influence businesses to have humane operations and move to more humane labor rights for employees at the beginning of their supply chains.”