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Impact Studio’s First Prototype Demo Day Sparks Social Innovation

Diverse group of twenty Impact Studio students and staff on the steps of Blau Hall.

Impact Studio Faculty, Staff, Founders, and Applebaum Fellows with an Applebaum Philanthropy partner pose for their 2023–2024 group photo.

By Lily Solek (BBA ’27) and Loren Townes Jr.

The Impact Studio hosted its first-ever “Prototype Demo Day,” — a day focused on showcasing prototypes for student ventures to various experts within the University of Michigan ecosystem and beyond, including leadership from the Applebaum Family Philanthropy.

The Prototype Demo Day was a follow-up to the annual “Idea Day” event hosted in December of 2023. Idea Day was marked by lively discussions and mentorship sessions, during which respected local leaders guided students to incubate their ideas for creating social impact. Founders and Applebaum Impact Design Fellows delved into their mission, vision, and challenges, engaging in meaningful dialogues to further advance their ventures.

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