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Skip and Carrie Gordon Scholarship

Skip and Carrie Gordon Scholarship

If you’re a second-year Ross MBA student, apply for Business+Impact’s Skip and Carrie Gordon Scholarship. The selected recipients will have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to impact.

Application Deadline:

2024 Gordon Impact Scholarship Applications will open in September 2024.

Application Information: 

  • Eligibility: Current MBA2 students
  • Scholarship Amount: $7,500
  • Number of Scholarships: Three
  • Applications accepted until late September

In October 2023, these three recipients received $7,500 awards for their work and interest in social impact. Each was assigned to serve as a B+I Student Ambassador for the full 2023-24 academic year.

Read Their Stories

As a first-generation college student from Ghana, coming to business school in the US and dedicating myself to impact was a very expensive decision. The route I've chosen would not have been possible without this scholarship.
Emma Kwenu Smith (MBA ’20)
Professionally, this new understanding shapes my leadership style, characterized by empathy, understanding, and a genuine desire to elevate those around me.
Robin F. Baker (MBA '24)

Previous Gordon Scholarship Awardees

(l to r) Skip Gordon, Robin Baker, Carrie Gordon, Jill Dannis and Eli Forrester.

  • Robin F. Baker (MBA ’24)
  • Jill Dannis (MBA/MS ’24, Erb)
  • Elijah Forrester (MBA/MS ’24, Erb)
  • Summer Abiad (MBA ’23)
  • Connor Donnelly (MBA/MS ’23)
  • Harshita Pilla (MBA/MURP ’23)
  • Joss Woodhead (MBA ’23)
  • J’Taime Lyons (MBA/MPP)
  • Nathan Alston (MBA)
  • Elizabeth Wallace (MBA/MS)
  • Claire Babilonia (MBA)
  • Tieranny Baker (MBA)
  • Kevin Finnegan (MBA/MPP)
  • Sheetal Singh (MBA)
  • Emma Smith (MBA)
  • Ivy Wei (MBA/MS)

Skip and Carrie Gordon surrounded by (l to r) Nathan Stevens, Christopher Owen, Tim Carter, and Apoorva Kanneganti.

  • Tim Carter (MBA)
  • Apoorva Kanneganti (MBA)
  • Christopher Owen (MBA/MS)
  • Nathan Stevens (MBA)

Impact Advantage: Support for Your Career in Impact

Michigan Ross’ dedication to students pursuing careers in impact goes beyond the classroom. The Impact Advantage Student Loan Repayment Program offers graduates up to $37,500 in loan support to those pursuing careers in social impact across educational, governmental, and nonprofit sectors during the first five years post-graduation. Impact Advantage is open to qualified alumni of the Full-Time MBA program who graduated May 2021 or after. Applications are due yearly on November 1, and must be submitted yearly for continuation of coverage.

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