LSA Workshop: Create Accessible Digital Documents

Online Ann Arbor, MI

As we shift from print to digital documents in the workplace, it's important to ensure all readers and contributors can access the content. If document users include individuals who are color blind, use assistive technologies, or process information differently, will they be able to effectively engage with the content? This workshop will focus on how

Recurring Event Understanding Privilege

Understanding Privilege

Online Ann Arbor, MI

Privilege is often misunderstood when used in a DEI context. An individual can have privilege in one area and not another. Life may not have been easy, yet an individual could still have elements of privilege. In this session, we will explore the nuances around privilege as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion in

Positive Links Speaker Series: Achieve the Extraordinary

Online Ann Arbor, MI

A revolutionary approach to business exists, one that delivers game-changing results for both organizations and society alike: the serious and deep pursuit of purpose. When organizations practice deep purpose, furthering their “reason for being,” it can revolutionize how they do business and deliver impressive performance benefits that reward customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and communities. Join

Recurring Event Implicit Bias

Implicit Bias

Online Ann Arbor, MI

In this session, participants will learn to: Examine your own background and identities and how these identities shape our experiences and perspectives Discuss how the brain functions, and relate how unconscious bias is a natural function of the human mind Identify patterns of unconscious bias that influence decision-making processes Confront internal biases and practice conscious

Apply a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Anti-racism (DEIA) Lens to Your Strategic Plan

Online Ann Arbor, MI

Intentionally applying the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism to your team or organization's strategic plan sets the stage for stakeholder buy-in, innovative ideas, and human-centered goals and action steps. This course will walk through what it can actually look like to apply a diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism lens to the development and