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2024 Positive Business Conference Amplified

Positive Business Conference Amplified Event Flyer

Every day, organizations around the world set out to do good work—solving complex problems, addressing seemingly intractable issues, generating relational, social, and financial wealth, and finding new ways to create a better world for their communities. And every day, whatever comes, organizations around the world do their important work in the face of disruption, distress, turmoil, and turbulence. We dedicate our time together at this year’s Positive Business Conference to explore how we are living and working together in this time of both grief and gratitude, upheaval and uplift.

Although the current climate poses many challenges, it also calls us to reimagine organizational strategies that amplify the human in human enterprise. Companies have the opportunity to prioritize cultures of empathy, compassion and trust, renew their commitments to inclusion and belonging, and heighten employee engagement. To do these things as part of the new business imperative demands that we adopt more creative and agile approaches to work.

Join us for a deeper exploration of how leaders can harness the potential to create supportive structures and practices that foster well-being. We will share real-world examples, evidence-based tools, and cutting-edge thinking about creating compassion, connection, purpose, and meaning as part of an organization’s ecosystem of long-term value. You don’t want to miss the 2024 Positive Business Conference, amplifying a human-centered approach to global enterprise and exploring how we find uplift in a time of upheaval.

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