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Ahead of the Curve featuring Bakari Sellers

Photo of Bakari Sellers


From the halls of the South Carolina State House, to the New York Times bestseller list and the CNN airwaves, Bakari Sellers has moved hearts and minds with his work on civil rights, health equity, policy, and more.

On Thursday, January 25, Sellers will bring his leadership lessons to “Ahead of the Curve,” a speaker series from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Renowned for his in-depth political insights and deep experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Sellers will join Dean F. DuBois Bowman for a 60-minute conversation that promises to challenge assumptions and provide thoughtful commentary.

During this critical time when health and policy decisions are confronting so many across the state and nation, Sellers is the ideal commentator and activist to learn from – we hope you join us for an enlightening conversation.

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