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CPRT Expert Dialogue: The Value of Values

Photo of Daniel Aronson

As more companies face challenges related to ESG and DEI initiatives, some are pulling back on investments and hesitating to take public stances on issues. But prevailing public sentiment and market indicators rebuke the conventional idea that business leaders must choose between profit and purpose. Increasingly, the numbers — factual and financial — show the tangible value for corporations in establishing and prioritizing values and intentionally deciding where and how to show up for policy discussions. Established values can also inform a corporate political responsibility framework that companies can use to navigate the policy landscape and decide how and when to act. As leaders take the courageous and sometimes vulnerable steps to lead with values, they adopt a long-term perspective on management and decision-making that creates more resilient businesses with stronger bottom lines.  

Please join us in our next Expert Dialogue to hear more about the connections between business values and value, and how the Erb Principles for Corporate Political Responsibility can play a critical role in unlocking that value. We are delighted to speak with Daniel Aronson, founder of Valutus and author of the new book “The Value of Values,” to discuss: 

  • The background and meaning of the concept of “submerged values” and why companies that have strong values can also be broadly respected.  
  • How he uses data to show that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive, and why investing in people and opportunity creates more resilient and innovative businesses. 
  • How the Erb Principles for Corporate Responsibility can help business leaders determine and live out corporate values as they work through policy challenges.  

As Founder of Valutus, Daniel Aronson specializes in creating value through sustainability and responsibility. During his consulting career, he has led sustainability strategy consulting for Deloitte and IBM and has worked with global leaders in the field — including Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Autodesk, Interface, Biogen, and Philips. He has been researching, writing, and consulting on the environment, social responsibility, and innovation for over 25 years.   

The Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce (CPRT) Expert Dialogues are in-depth, recorded conversations with academic experts, stakeholder advocates, and business practitioners to provide our members and other CPR champions with the expertise and context they need to develop principled, proactive CPR strategies. 

Find more information on the CPRT website or contact Elizabeth Doty at

The CPRT’s Expert Dialogue recordings are available by request as video modules, audio modules, or transcripts. Please email Taskforce Director Elizabeth Doty at to request access.

The CPRT is strictly non-partisan and does not advocate, promote or support any political party or candidate. While speakers and participants in the Expert Dialogues may express their views freely, the CPRT does not endorse particular organizations, individuals, parties, policies or legislation.

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