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From Root to Reality: Understanding the Foundation of Racial Inequity and its Connection to Contemporary Conditions

Root to Reality Event Flyer

Intended Audience: This session is open to all SPH Faculty, Staff, Students, and Post-Docs and helps fulfill the required 8 DEI Continuing Professional Education hours. Session Summary: Recent discussions around root causes of social, political, and economic inequity have emerged in response to “the perfect storm” of a pandemic, racial unrest, and political divide over the last few years. Often lacking from these conversations is the throughline that runs from this country’s foundation to differences across health and life trajectory still at work today. This session will help participants: (1) learn about the historical underpinnings of the harmful power imbalances we see and experience today, (2) connect that historic legacy to the field of Public Health and (3) begin to consider our own relationship to these power imbalances as faculty, staff, students, and post-docs in a school of public health.

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