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Queering Attraction and Relationality: A Zine-Making Workshop

Image with illustrations of people, books, scissors, crayons, notebooks, markers, and pens

Join us for a student-led zine-making workshop with Dr. Ela Przybylo focused on thinking about attraction and relationships through making. Dr. Przybylo will explore the many ways in which asexuality, as a queer orientation, poses a queer challenge to our thinking around sexuality, gender, and romance culture. Looking at examples from popular culture and contemporary young adult texts, including on social media, they will also provide an introduction to some of the main coordinates of asexuality studies including its conceptual contributions around rethinking compulsory sexuality, romance, and kinship. Participants will create a one-page zine as they explore these ideas.

This event will take place in person at Spectrum Center and includes with an interactive livestream through Zoom for those unable to join us at the Union. Register to receive updates and the Zoom link.

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