COP27 debrief and panel

Weill Hall - 1210 735 S State St., Ann Arbor, MI

Join DPC, IPSA, EPA, and Climate Blue for a debrief and panel with the U-M delegates to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP27. Come hear students from the Ford and SEAS schools reflect on key takeaways from the conference and answer any questions you might have about its outcomes.

Recurring Event Allies at Work

Allies at Work

LSA Building - Conference Room 2001 500 State St., Ann Arbor, MI

In this session, participants will learn: The role of allies in creating inclusive environments and creating change The best practices for being an ally How to apply these best practices in a work environment To identify unique obstacles towards being an ally in a remote working environment To challenge their own practices to be more

What policymakers need to know about the criminal justice system

Weill Hall - 1110 Betty Ford Classroom 735 S. State St., Ann Arbor, MI

Join Judge Laurel Beatty Blunt and Dean Celeste Watkins-Hayes for a conversation at the intersection of law, policy, and the criminal justice system. As a 10th District Court of Appeals Judge for the State of Ohio, Judge Laurel Beatty Blunt will offer her perspective on what policymakers need to know about the criminal justice system.

Creative Arts and Food Justice

Betsy Barbour House - UMSFP Food Lab in Basement of Betsy Barbour 420 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI

Interested in food sustainability or social justice initiatives? Want to engage in zine issuing, editorial meetings, planning of launch parties and more? Come join one of our biweekly meetings to get involved with The University of Michigan Sustainable Food Program. We have four different groups to join, all with different themes. Fill out the interest

EEB Thursday Seminar – Hybrid: Disentangling soil food web dynamics in the era of global change

Biological Sciences Building - 1010 1105 N University Ave

Our weekly seminar series featuring internal and external speakers in the field of ecology and evolutionary biology. This seminar will be in-person and livestreaming on Zoom (link this page). Abstract: Soils contain the most diverse community of organisms in terrestrial ecosystems, with essential roles in nutrient cycling and food-web dynamics. Human-induced disturbances remain a significant

LSA Workshop: Create Accessible Digital Documents

Online Ann Arbor, MI

As we shift from print to digital documents in the workplace, it's important to ensure all readers and contributors can access the content. If document users include individuals who are color blind, use assistive technologies, or process information differently, will they be able to effectively engage with the content? This workshop will focus on how

The Interdisciplinary Workshop in Race, Ethnicity and Politics (I-REP)

Haven Hall - Walker (5664) 505 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI

Racial and ethnic identities play a key role in shaping behaviors, attitudes, institutions, and social structures. As such, scholars across disciplines have been devoted to investigating how race and ethnicity feature in every aspect of social and political life. The purpose of I-REP (Interdisciplinary Workshop in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics) is to provide a space

Recurring Event Understanding Privilege

Understanding Privilege

Online Ann Arbor, MI

Privilege is often misunderstood when used in a DEI context. An individual can have privilege in one area and not another. Life may not have been easy, yet an individual could still have elements of privilege. In this session, we will explore the nuances around privilege as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion in

DEI 1.0 Evaluation Report | Information Session

Michigan Union - Rogel Ballroom 530 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI

Learn about the progress made and challenges discovered through U-M’s initial DEI Five-Year Strategic Plan, DEI 1.0, and how these lessons will help guide our next strategic plan, DEI 2.0.   Registration link