Application Information

  • 2022 Application has closed
  • Eligibility:
    Current MBA2 students
  • Scholarship Amount:
  • Number of Scholarships:
    Variable by year
  • Applications were accepted in late Sept. 2022

Skip and Carrie Gordon Scholarship

If you’re a second-year Ross MBA student, apply for Business+Impact’s Skip and Carrie Gordon Scholarship. The selected recipients will have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to impact.


2022 applications for Ross MBA2s were accepted in late Sept. 2022

2021-22 Gordon Scholarship Awardees

These three recipients were chosen from over twenty-five applicants, and a $5,000 award went to each recipient.  Each was assigned to serve as a B+I Student Ambassador for the full 2021-22 academic year.

  • J’Taime Lyons (MBA/MPP ’22)
  • Nathan Alston (MBA ’22)
  • Elizabeth Wallace (MBA/MS ’22)

Three winners of the 2021-22 Gordon Scholarship

As a first-generation college student from Ghana, coming to business school in the US and dedicating myself to impact was a very expensive decision. The route I've chosen would not have been possible without this scholarship."

—  Emma Kwenu Smith (MBA ’20)

Previous Gordon Scholarship Awardees


Claire Babilonia (MBA)
Tieranny Baker (MBA)
Kevin Finnegan (MBA/MPP)


Sheetal Singh (MBA)
Emma Smith (MBA)
Ivy Wei (MBA/MS)


Tim Carter (MBA)
Apoorva Kanneganti (MBA)
Christopher Owen (MBA/MS)
Nathan Stevens (MBA)



Impact Advantage: Support for Your Career in Impact

Michigan Ross’ dedication to students pursuing careers in impact goes beyond the classroom. The Impact Advantage Student Loan Repayment Program offers graduates up to $37,500 in loan support to those pursuing careers in social impact across educational, governmental, and nonprofit sectors during the first five years post-graduation. Impact Advantage is open to qualified alumni of the Full-Time MBA program who graduated May 2021 or after. Applications are due yearly on November 1, and must be submitted yearly for continuation of coverage.